CENTERSIGHT is a 5-piece Alternative Rock
band from Sacramento, CA. Their sound is a
mixture of indie and rock music that merges
various elements of genres ranging from Pop,
Soul, Reggae, and Electronic music. Many of
their songs messages and spirit pave ideas of
intrapersonal reflection and convey complex
emotional observation. The band’s live
performance has an immense dynamic range
in atmosphere that accent a compelling
aesthetic in their lyrical content and style.


   The band has a variety of achievements
selling out several established venues in their
hometown and performed on the same bill
for different touring acts such as, Bastille,
Chvrches, SHAED, and Lovely the Band. All
five members; Stuart Sower (Vocals) Cody
Quakenbush (Guitar, Vocals) Tim Towne
(Keys) Matt Lomas (Drums) and Xris Beltran
(Bass Guitar) are also known for their personal
contributions to the Sacramento local music


   CENTERSIGHT led their debut album with their
title track “Tommorow’s Too Late” in 2019 that
serves as a song of unity and a contemplation
of ourselves and our short time that we have
here on this planet together. Their Debut
album will drop in Spring 2020 and start off
the new decade with a message of love
and awareness not bounded by any idea of
cultural influence.

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